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Cleaning Your Garage Can Improve Air Quality


Often time’s people make the effort to control common indoor pollutants, such as smoke, pet dander, and dust to improve the air quality in the home. One place that many people over look as a source of pollutants is the attached garage. Many homeowners keep various chemicals and toxic substances like paints, paint thinner, mowers, lighter fluid and gasoline in their garage at some point in time.  If your home has an attached garage, dangerous fumes from these types of products can easily travel into your home. Fumes are even more of a threat if your garage remains unfinished, or with exposed insulation.  A recent study from Health Canada showed that homes that have attached garages have higher levels of dangerous pollutants like benzene and carbon monoxide.  A similar study conducted in Missouri in the late 90’s showed that most often, carbon monoxide detectors go off because of carbon monoxide that has seeped into the home from the garage. In order to protect your home, be sure to clean your garage regularly. If you keep paint and other chemicals in your garage, cover them with plastic, and hammer the metal lid tightly to the canister. The plastic will keep the fumes from leaking through the top of the can and into your home. Another option is to rid your garage completely of these chemicals.  Be sure to contact the proper waste management facility to learn how to dispose of toxic products, like paint. When vacuuming your garage try to use a HEPA filter to pick up the most particulates and allergens.


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