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Do You Have Pets? Here’s 4 HVAC Maintenance Tips to Help You Live Most Comfortably with Them


We love our pets in El Paso and Las Cruces. Nearly every homeowner seems to have at least one. But, having a pet can wreak havoc on the air conditioner. It’s not uncommon for us at Total Air to get a call from a homeowner who has come home from work and the pets have destroyed the unit outside. Or, to visit a home for a maintenance check up and the air filter is completely clogged.

We would never recommend you get rid of your beloved pet to avoid HVAC system issues, but we WILL recommend you practice these four maintenance tips to keep your home (and pets) most comfortable, clean and happy:

  1. Change Your Air Filters Regularly
    Fur, dirt, and pet dander will clog up your HVAC system’s air filter more quickly than if you don’t have a pet. A good rule of thumb for pet owners is to change your air filter at least once every two months.
  2. Upgrade Your Air Filters
    If you’re concerned about improving air quality in the home you share with your pets , upgrading the air filters to HEPA filters or adding an air cleaner that is designed to catch smaller bits of pet dander and other microbes, call Total Air and we can help you find one that is suited for your HVAC system and needs.
  3. Enclose Your Outdoor Condensing Unit
    We can’t tell you how many times we’ve been to homes that have on-the-ground, outdoor condensing units that have been completely destroyed by their large dog or dogs. Dogs kept outside get bored and often become chewing, jumping, digging machines. Your system is vulnerable to dogs who want to dig. Enclosing your on-the-ground unit is a great solution…just be sure you don’t restrict air flowing into it. Build around it—not too close and not on top of it.
  4. Schedule Your Preventive Maintenance Twice a Year
    Preventive Maintenance on an HVAC system (once in spring for cooling and again in fall for heating) is the best way to keep a system running most efficiently whether you have pets or not. Call Total Air today for a maintenance plan that will keep your system running smoothly for many years to come.

It also probably wouldn’t hurt to keep your pets groomed and combed out to prevent dander and pet hair from clogging up your system too soon. The combination of all of these things will ensure you have the cleanest indoor air quality possible and a long lasting HVAC system!

Call Total Air for information on HVAC repairs, replacements and maintenance in El Paso and Las Cruces at 915-585-0909.


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