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Don’t Forget the “V” When Buying New HVAC


HVAC is an acronym for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Many of us know that. But, do you know what “ventilation” is or what it does? Most do not so let’s clear the air! (See what we did there?) lol

Modern homes are mostly designed with efficient insulation and sealing to create a tight envelope that’s meant to improve energy efficiency and keep your heating and cooling from escaping. While this can minimize your utility expenses, it’s not without its problems because a house, like everything else, needs balance. You must balance home sealing with ventilation. Ventilation is the professional term used for providing quality air inside of the home.

There are several types of ventilation to help your house breathe, yet manage the cleanliness of the air that comes in. There is natural ventilation: opening of windows, cracks in the tight seal of the exterior of a home, and air that enters through attics, vents and other unconditioned spaces in the house. There is whole-house ventilation that is a controlled system like fans and the duct system that cycles out bad air and brings in fresh air. Whole-house ventilation is considered a more complete option than natural ventilation. And, then there is spot ventilation. The most recognizable spot ventilation is air filters, exhaust or makeup air fans (like the ones found above kitchen stovetops and in bathrooms).

It's just not the air coming in through windows, ducts and vents though that affects the quality of air you breathe at home. Many things can decrease the quality: cooking with no ventilation, cleaning chemicals with no ventilation to clear it out of the air and pet dander to name a few. All of these elements carry pollutants and allergens that greatly affect the air. Can you imagine the long-term odors created by the video seen here? Without proper ventilation, it will take days for those smells to leave the home.

Air purifiers and filters, humidification/dehumidification systems and exhaust fans are ways to maintain proper ventilation in the home. Total Air offers many solutions for ventilation and most can be installed with little additional cost with a new HVAC system. Call us today for more information on a ventilation system with your new HVAC. Call 915-585-0909!



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