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Heat Exhaustion


It has been hot and sunny here in our El Paso area! While many people prefer the sunshine, everyone should also be aware of the dangers that come with such hot weather. Heatstress and exhaustion can be very serious, and with temperatures in the triple digits this week it’s important to try to prevent possible injuries. Those over 65, overweight, with high blood pressure or on certain medications are more at risk for heat-related injuries. Heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat rash, and heat cramps can be prevented with simple safety precautions. Signs of these types of injuries are headaches, sweating, exhaustion, dizziness, clammy-ness or fainting. Try to avoid being out in the sun during the hottest part of the day, and drink plenty of water to the point that you’re never thirsty. For the elderly, having refrigerated air in your home could be a great benefit because your home will always be a comfortable temperature, which essentially eliminates the worry of heat exhaustion. If your job includes you being in the direct sunlight for many hours during the day, let your employer know if you have any of symptoms of heat stress. Wear light-colored, breathable clothing and try to take breaks in the shade regularly. For more information, here is a link with more helpful tips Call Total Air Services if you’re interested in receiving a free quote on a refrigerated air system to keep your home cool despite the weather.


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