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High Heat and Humidity: An Unbearable Combination for El Paso Homeowners Who Have Evaporative Cooling


It’s not that we don’t enjoy the rain for a change, but for homeowners in El Paso and Las Cruces who are still cooling their homes with swamp coolers, the humidity creates much discomfort. Why is that? This should help us all understand it better…if the outside temperature is 90 degrees F and the relative humidity is 50% as it has been for much of the past few weeks in El Paso, then the swamp cooler can only cool the house to a sweaty 79 degrees. At only 10% humidity, the house temperature cooled with evaporative cooling is able to drop to a comfortable 67 degrees. Once we get past this rainy spring season, swamp coolers should perform adequately…but that’s only until monsoon season!

Converting to refrigerated air is a best solution for maintain optimum comfort in a home. It also has many other benefits such as better indoor air quality, energy savings, less noise and this investment in your home is a good idea if you plan to sell it! The two things home buyers in El Paso and Las Cruces demand is a view and REFRIGERATED AIR!

Refrigerated air conditioning systems guarantee you comfort for many, many years. All of the premium, high efficiency HVAC systems that Total sells come with 10 year manufacturer’s warranty on all parts (20 years on furnace heat exchanger). And, our added workmanship warranty covers any issues you may have with comfort levels in the first year! Continuing care with annual maintenance can even extend the life of your heating and cooling system long beyond the warranty.

To enjoy more comfort for many years to come by converting to refrigerated air, give Total Air a call. We’ll send one of our project managers to your home for a comprehensive assessment to make the best recommendation for you, your family and your home. Call today at 915-585-0909 or schedule it at


Total Comfort. Total Savings. TOTAL AIR!


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