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How Can Total Air Help You During Flu Season


Fall season in El Paso and Las Cruces brings welcome changes in temperature and climate, however, it is also a time when Flu season begins.  With recent viruses such as Enterovirus D68, Ebola, Tuberculosis, and several others beginning to spread, now is the time to take several steps to enhance your home or business indoor air quality.  Sickness caused by bacteria or viruses not only disrupt school or work hours, but can also lead to hospitalization.  Total Air provides heating, cooling, and ventilation services, and can also help you improve indoor air quality with the installation of humidifiers, UV light air cleaners, and better air filtration products to help remove, kill, or control air pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, mold, fungus, spores, duct, dirt, pet hair, and many other allergens.  Most people take every breath subconsciously; meaning we do not “think” to take our next breath as our brain automatically controls this function.  That is why it is important to take a moment and think: “What happens when I breathe, what am I breathing in my body, and where am I breathing air from?”  Does your workplace or business perform regular maintenance activities on the HVAC equipment to reduce indoor air contaminants?  Have you recently performed maintenance on your home’s heating and cooling system besides simply changing air filters?  There are many important maintenance and cleaning services available in addition to air cleaning systems that Total Air can help you install and maintain to drastically improve the air you breath year round.  Simply call our office to schedule an appointment for a free in home or business estimate for an air cleaning or filtration system or to have your current system professionally de-santized.  We use environmentally friendly cleaners by NuCalgon.


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