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How Many Code Violations From the 15 We’ve Pointed Out Here Can You List?


That install with its 15 violations is not too far removed from some of the work done here in the El Paso area, unfortunately. But, many times, you’ll never know this because the contractor performing this kind of poor workmanship hasn’t pulled the proper permits…and that means you WON’T get a final inspection from the city. Without that inspection, you also won’t know if your installation is to code. That may not be a problem…that is, until something goes wrong. Read on…it could get much worse.

If you are purchasing a new heating and cooling system and a contractor tells you not to worry about the permit…this is a big red flag. That contractor is probably unlicensed to perform the work he is selling to you and is breaking the law. Without that permit, you will very likely be getting a less than adequate installation; perhaps even a dangerous one.

Getting the proper permits with work from a licensed HVAC contractor is the best move you can make when buying a new heating and cooling system or replacing one. There are many horrors to not doing this and many more benefits to doing so. Here are 5 very important reasons that you should take the right steps and hire the right contractor for the job:

  1. Getting the permit means everyone is complying with the law. In fact, in El Paso, it is illegal to get an installation without one. Get the proper paperwork filed now and may avoid problems later when you go to sell.
  2. The city will ensure that the contractor’s work is good and safe. To get a permit, you have to be a “licensed” contractor. Properly licensed contractors typically perform higher quality work. Shoddy HVAC work is an invitation for dangerous safety issues with your system.
  3. You are protected from an accident on your property. When the proper permits are pulled by a licensed, bonded contractor, you’ll know that they provide workers benefits should someone fall or get hurt while working on your property. In that case, this would be the contractor’s liability…and not yours! And bonded means the technician who comes to your home is likely background checked. This is very important to protect you and your family.
  4. A permit double-checks the work that has been done. Inspections on all contractor’s work done in El Paso is required for all permits. That’s a great benefit because that is a second set of eyes signing off that the work done is done safely and properly. And, without the proper permit, you’ll have no recourse should something go wrong.
  5. Permits ensure your warranty. All equipment manufacturers will honor the warranties for work that has been installed by a licensed contractor and permitted by the city. You should know that warranties are not being filed on your behalf by contractors who have not also filed permits. Protect your investment by ONLY contracting with a licensed contractor who files the proper permits and warranty paperwork for you!
When a permit is filed by a licensed contractor, like Total Air, you will enjoy the many advantages that come with it including improved quality, safety and protection. Don’t risk these benefits and safety measures by going without one just to save a few bucks.
For a quote on a conversion to refrigerated air or a heating and/or cooling replacement, call the professional, licensed and skilled technicians who consistently file more permits than any other contractor in El Total Air! 915-585-0909 or visit us at


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