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Save On Energy Bills


If you feel that your energy bills have recently increased for no apparent reason, it might interest you to hire an energy auditor. An energy auditor can help you determine ways that your home may be wasting energy. Typically, an energy auditor will come to your home and gather basic information about your household. For example, they may ask questions like how many people live in the home, is anyone home during the workday, or do all rooms get used regularly. The auditor generally circulates the outside of the home to get an idea of the homes composition (how many windows, how large, etc.) Once the auditor has moved inside, they’ll conduct several tests inside your home to see how you might possibly be losing energy.  One of the main tests they perform is a blower door test. This generally involves using a special fan to blow high-pressured air towards the doors in your home. The auditor can then determine if air is escaping through cracks and crannies in your door. Once complete, the energy auditor will be able to offer you specific suggestions on how to improve your energy efficiency. When hiring an energy auditor, you should always look for references and check their company Better Business Bureau rating. If you’re interested in hiring an energy auditor, the local energy or weatherization offices should be able to direct you to reputable companies.


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