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Total Air Values: High Quality Service, Innovative Technology and a Conscientiousness for Efficiency and the Environment


Some contractors in our area believe that to remain competitive, one has to sacrifice quality, innovation and efficiency. But, those are the values that Total Air holds true and the ones we follow every day with everything we do and every customer we serve.

The values of quality, innovation and efficiency when choosing an HVAC partner are ways of doing business that should never be a choice…and should be expected. At Total Air, these values are what dictate all we do to serve our customers. Here’s how our values at Total Air can provide you with higher quality and more satisfaction:


Total Air’s Value of Quality

Whenever any of us are thinking about buying anything, including heating and air, price usually plays a role in our decision-making process. But, we also want quality. Bottom line is, we don’t want to overpay for something and feel as though we are getting a good value for our money.

While we are not suggesting you use price to judge the quality of everything, we want you to be aware that chances are, the less expensive price is also going to get you lower quality…especially when it comes to heating and air sales, service and installation.

As you may have seen on an earlier Facebook post this week, our technicians were being trained and tested for their knowledge. These “quality” exercises are what you want to look for when you choose a heating and cooling company to service your home in El Paso. Not price.

Trained and skilled technicians from Total Air may cost a little more, but these talented, certified, professional technicians will provide more quality and you can be sure that your HVAC system is repaired or installed properly. The quality of equipment and especially our technicians is why Total Air is number one in the El Paso area for permits pulled for conversions and new installation of heating and cooling equipment.


Total Air’s Value of Innovation

At Total Air, innovation is not an equipment-only thought process. It encompasses everything we do: from product selection to customer financing to how we’ll serve you during and after the installation. At Total Air, we look at ways to continually improve and provide valuable and innovative ways to help you meet your goals for comfort. Consider these:

Innovative Indoor Air Quality solutions is one way we help many improve the air in the home that their family breathes every day.

Innovative WiFi and Programmable Thermostats help control and monitor temperature settings to reduce energy bills or control your room temps while our customers are away-from-home.

Innovative financing options helps us to help those who want to convert to refrigerated air and a new heating system and get the affordable monthly payments you need.

Our Customer Care Division after your installation will take care of everything after for you! They’ll file your warranties, contact you when a maintenance program should begin and watch over your account not just until the installation, but for the lifetime of it.

Innovative products and solutions like these are why Total Air should be your heating and cooling partner, especially if these are the things you value like we do!


Total Air’s Value of Efficiency

Efficiency is what drives the selection of products we sell to homeowners in the El Paso and Las Cruces areas. WE WILL NOT SELL INFERIOR PRODUCTS. We may not be the least cost HVAC contractor, but we can confidently say we provide the most efficient products on the market that will, in the long run, cost you less!

Our commitment to efficiency is a choice we've made to be more conscious of what we do and its effects on the environment. Our higher quality equipment that runs at higher efficiencies not only save more on utility costs, but they are designed to protect the electric grid. We can say that at Total Air, we are doing our part to preserve resources for our kids, grandkids and generations to come.

It’s also why Total Air recently purchased all new vehicles. Project Managers who visit your home will do so in an energy efficient vehicle. And, our technicians are all being assigned new and more efficient, more environmentally-friendly vans. Soon, you’ll see them in the vans pictured here.


When you have to make your next heating or cooling purchase, you’ll probably want to consider the values of the contractor hire. Do they have the values quality, innovation and efficiency like Total Air does? These values are the ones that ensure you’ll be making a purchase that will last longer, more smoothly and be supported by people and warranties that are the best in the business.

Total Air suggests you consider these values to be your focus when wanting to reach your goals for comfort and heating/cooling care. Do so and you can rest assured knowing you’ve made the right decision.



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