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Understanding SEER Ratings


One of the things that customers should look at when considering purchasing refrigerated air systems is the SEER rating of the system. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER is what gauges the efficiency of your air conditioning system. SEER can be looked at the same way as your cars gas mileage; the higher the number, the more efficient your system. Homes that had systems installed 10-15 years ago probably only have seer ratings of 6-10, which was the best available at the time. Thanks to developments in technology, we now have SEER ratings up to 20. Typically, systems with higher SEER ratings are initially more costly than those with low SEER ratings, however with higher-efficiency systems comes a lower power bill. The reduced-cost of your energy bill will generally make up the difference between the cost of the two systems within approximately two years. In two years, your system will still be working efficiently, and you will still have added value to your home.  SEER rating is definitely something to consider when looking at installing refrigerated air systems. If you have any questions about your SEER rating, or if you would like to receive a free quote to upgrade to a newer, more efficient system giver our Total Air office a call at (915) 585-0909.


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