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When Should a Homeowner Replace or Repair an HVAC System? Here's the Answer!


There are certain tell tale signs to indicate when a homeowner should repair a cooling and heating system or if it's time for a replacement. For example, if you have infrequent repairs (less than 3 in the past 10 years) or your system is less than 10 years old, we advise you get yearly maintenance and repairs as needed. However, if you still have evaporative cooling or your refrigerated air conditioner is constantly breaking down or making too much noise, it is time to improve system efficiency and performance, and replacing it probably makes the most sense. One of the biggest benefits of a new system is that today’s high-efficiency units can save you up to 20% on your cooling and heating costs. Not only that, a new system is sure to be much more comfortable! Another benefit of a new system is they are much quieter, especially if you buy from Total Air and get your ductwork assessed prior to the installation. Your HVAC system is only as quiet–and efficient–as its ductwork. To help guide you on whether or not you need a new cooling and heating system, consider these: Consider repairing your system if: Consider replacing your system if: It is still under warranty It is no longer covered by a warranty If it’s less than 10 years old It’s 10+ years old Repairs are less than $1,500 Repairs are $1,500 or greater Less than 3-5 repairs in the last 7-10 years


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