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Why You Should ALWAYS Replace the Furnace and AC at the Same Time


The year-round performance and comfort of your home or small office is decided by what heating and cooling system you install. The average lifetime of a modern furnace is 15-20 years and outlasts that of the air conditioning system which is 12-15. But, one should ALWAYS REPLACE BOTH when purchasing a new HVAC system for these four reasons:

  1. The furnace and air conditioning systems are designed to work together. Manufacturers build their equipment to work together. Mixing technologies and brands may cause system problems. And, in terms of warranties, not having an entire new system installed may affect whether or not it is honored.
  2. Together, replacing both furnace and AC will save you money. It is the only way you will achieve maximum, promised efficiency. Even if one is still working, replacing both will save you on energy usage and money in the long term. You may even get rebates from the manufacturer of the equipment if you replace them both at the same time.
  3. Old technology and new don’t mix. Making repairs on one or both will be difficult because they are not designed to work together. Down the road, you’ll have to pay for that second install anyway. Buy it at the same time and minimize breakdowns and repairs…and costs.
  4. Replacing one may negatively affect the lifespan of the other…or both. It’s a big investment to replace your heating and/or cooling system. Do you want to risk shortening the life of either by cutting corners? Your answer should be “no!”

The risks of not replacing both the furnace and refrigerated air conditioning unit at the same is not worth it. New systems are designed to have the entire HVAC system work together to achieve maximum efficiency and performance and that will save you money in the long run.

If you want to know more about why a new refrigerated air conditioning system and furnace should be purchased in combination, call the professionals at Total Air at 915-585-0909 or visit us at New system estimates and our advice are FREE!


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